Tonya Maurer
Interim Administrative Assistant (Joined staff in April of 2021)

Tonya's organizational skills, gratitude and empathy bring a personal touch to her role.  Tonya and her husband Cole, have lived in Amston since 2004.  She loves to spend time outdoors kayaking, water skiing, hiking, biking, running, gardening and playing with her dogs.


Andrey Stolyarov

Minister of Music  (Joined staff in April of 2021 )

Andrey Stolyarov is a Russian-born American composer, conductor, singer, and educator.  Andrey's music has been performed nationally and internationally.  When he isn't teaching, writing, singing, or conducting, Andrey enjoys running, gaming, and working on his farm in Amston with his wife Ilana.

Rev. Matthew McCaffrey

Interim Pastor (Joined Staff in July of 2021)

Rev. Matthew McCaffrey is an intentional Interim Minister who has served 14 churches over 33 years since his ordination. He was raised as a Roman Catholic, discovered the United Church of Christ as a teenager and was called to ministry over a plate of spaghetti! He said “It was like a lightning bolt clearing my head and focusing my purpose.” He has worked with churches that are strong and vibrant and ones that have come to critical junctures about how to continue. Pastor Matt is fluent in digital tech. He loves journeying with God’s people to discover “what’s next.”

Gilead Congregational Church

United Church of Christ