Gilead Congregational Church

United Church of Christ

Here are some significant dates in the history of our Church:

1747               Petition to separate from the Hebron Society granted
1748               Bounds of Parish laid out by the Colonial Legislature
1749               First Meeting House built where present one stands
1751-1797      First settled minister called – Rev. Elijah Lothrop
1798               Missionary Society of Connecticut organized in Hebron
1825               Church bell installed
1829               Sabbath School Association of Gilead formed
1838               Second Meeting House built (First Meeting House torn down)
1861               Parsonage Built
1889               Voted to organize a Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor
1892               Gilead and Hebron Churches formed a yoked Parish
1923               Women admitted to membership in the Ecclesiastical Society
1928               Electricity turned on at the Church (June 2, 1928)
1938               100th Anniversary of Church building celebrated with a historical pageant
1943               Dissolving of Ecclesiastical Society
1948               200th Anniversary of the Church building with a special service
1952               Dedication of the Sunday School Room addition
1961               Parish House purchased for Sunday School and Office use
1964               Men’s Fellowship organized
1970               Major remodeling of the Sanctuary following a fire in 1969
1973               Yoked Parish dissolved
1995               Restoration and renovation of the Austin pipe organ
1998               Major renovation of the Parsonage
1998               First women minister called – Rev. Denise Esslinger
2006               Garage built at the Parsonage
2008               Fellowship Hall addition and renovations dedicated
2010               Part-time Minister of Mission position created
2012               Position expanded to Minister of Mission and Faith Formation
2013               Steeple repaired with windows and light installed
2014               Mortgage for building addition and renovations paid off