Gilead Congregational Church

United Church of Christ

Funeral and Memorial Services at the Gilead Church are held to recognize both the pain and sorrow of the separation that accompanies death and the hope and joy of the promises of God to those who die and are raised in Jesus Christ.  The service celebrates the life of the deceased, gives thanks for that person’s life, and commends that life to God.  We affirm the powerful, steadfast love of God from which people cannot be separated, even by death. 

Arrangements for a Funeral or Memorial Service can be made in consultation with the Pastor. 

There is a fee for our Minister of Music and other fees may also apply.

Members can ask our Women’s Fellowship to provide a reception following a service.  Typically a family makes a donation to the Women’s Fellowship for hosting the reception. 

For those who would like to make their wishes known for their own service, a guide called “When the Time Comes” is available from the Church Office.

Funerals & Memorial Services